Game News Galore

This week was the PS4 Paris Games Week, which has already shown off a lot of stuff. From the reveal of the first DLC for Destiny 2 to what we’re about to show you now. We’ve seen The Last of Us 2 get another trailer, the Monster Hunter World beta get a date and when the new Horizon Zero Dawn DLC drops.

Let’s start with the Last of Us 2. I don’t even own a PS4 and I want this so bad. Naughty Dog, the developers, released a short trailer a few months ago at E3, showing an older Ellie and a far more grizzled Joel. The second one is likely to rustle a few jimmies when it finally comes out, if the first is anything to go by. It was a wonderful, dark and emotionally connective on many levels. Hopefully this one will live up to the expectation.

Next up we have Monster Hunter World and its beta date. This title is quite the headliner at the minute, considering it will be the first of the series to feature on all major platforms this generation, including PC. The opening video they showed at E3 left us all gobsmacked and wanting a release date. But fret not, as the beta for the online four-player monster mash comes out on 26th January for PS4 and Xbox One, with PC coming a bit later. You can even dress up as Horizon star Aloy…

Leading on from that rather nicely, you can also play as Aloy in the newest Horizon Zero Dawn DLC, due out on 7th November. It will cost £15.99 or your regional equivalent and shows of some impressive landscapes. Venture into a frozen land of tundra and snow, discover new robotic enemies and beat the snot out of them with whatever you can.

So there you have it, the biggest things at the Paris Games Week.

Oh, bonus? The newest Spider-Man game got a new trailer, enjoy.