So for some exams are over and while you are trying not to think about results day, maybe living life in another place for a couple of weeks is just what you need. But there are other reasons for taking that holiday.

It relieves stress!

The very idea of a holiday is to relieve people from the stresses of everyday life! Going on holiday has been proven to improve mental health and it completely changes your daily routine! The refreshing burst of life you receive from the new culture, food, events, people and ways of life seems to know no bounds

It encourages exercise!

Do you stay cooped up inside when you’re on holiday? Of course not! When on holiday, many people are far more active than they usually are. Driving everywhere can cause you to miss some of the most incredible sights and going to the effort of renting a hire car is often more than it’s worth. Even if you still take public transport while on holiday, you can’t reach everywhere and you will be forced to continue on foot.

It encourages a more diverse and interesting diet!

When on holiday, many people choose to indulge in the local meals, diversifying their diet for their time away and encouraging a more cultured diet for when they return home. Foreign foods are often far healthier than what we have back home so these foods also improve your gut’s microbiome and your immune system.

Greek salad

You spend time with loved ones!

During everyday life, everyone works or goes to school or does something of their own. Whilst on holiday, however, everyone talks, eats and entertains themselves surrounded by their loved ones, whether that be family, friends or something else!

It can inspire you!

As a perfect example of this, my going on holiday inspired me to write this article (in an entirely different style to my usual articles, may I add)! The new culture, beautiful landscapes and delicious foods of a foreign land will fill you with new ideas for any future projects you may wish to tackle! So get out there, go on holiday, and write some articles for me to enjoy!