Harry Potter’s House for Sale

15 August 2017

By Jack Mitchell

Fan of Harry Potter? Have £995, 000 spare? If you do, this could be the proposition you’ve been waiting for, because Harry Potter’s childhood home is up for sale.

De Vere House, or Godric’s Hollow as it’s fictionally known, is the hottest piece of real-estate on the market right now. It’s a Grade-1 listed, six-bedroom period property which dates back to the 14th Century, owned by the second richest family in the county of Suffolk. It would be easy to list its many selling points, including a historical legacy that stretches back to medieval times, but that wouldn’t be the main reason to buy it.  With a balance of real historic significance, like Warkworth Castle in Northumberland, as well as being the place where Lord Voldemort killed Harry’s parents and met his demise, it has to be one of the most interesting places to live.


Historic house that was used in Harry Potter films
De Vere House, or as it’s more widely known: Godric’s Hollow


Below is a clip of the chilling scene from The Deathly Hallows: Part I,  where Bathilda Bagshot leads Harry and Hermione to the house after they visit the Potter’s grave. Fortunately, you can see from the picture above that it’s in a much better state of repair than in the film:

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