How is technology altering the way we see the world?

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24 November 2019

By James L

Augmented reality is a rapidly growing technology capable of changing the world around us. While it’s sister tech, VR, transports the user to entirely different worlds, AR focuses on modifying your world.

It is defined as “a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view”. In short, your real-world view is blended with the world inside your computer.


Augmented reality has already become part of many people’s lives and many mobile games make use of the technology. You may remember the Pokemon Go craze after the game’s release in 2016. It used AR to place it’s characters into the real world for players to capture and virtual reality has been just as successful in the gaming industry. Huge amounts of games are being developed and released for VR.

Not just for gaming…

AR isn’t just for recreation – it has the potential to revolutionise education. An increasing number of medical students are using AR simulations to learn. The tech provides them with an accurate and realistic recreation of what it’s like to be in an operating theatre. Students can take a tour through the heart using virtual reality and look at the full human anatomy without having to be in a lab.

Manufacturers are now also starting to see the benefits of AR in their factories. With augmented reality, you can see what something will look like before you do it. Logistics become a breeze and multi-tasking becomes easier than ever. Virtual reality allows manufactures to interact with rendered models of products before they even produce them.

Using technology to change reality gives us endless opportunities and a way to bring our industries into the future. Not only can it make for a brilliant game but it can completely change how we live our lives.

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