Top 5 Coding Tips for Beginners

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5 June 2023

By Weijia

Some of the questions people may focus on when it comes to coding include ‘Where should I start coding?’ ‘How do I start?’ ‘Where do I find support if I need help?’ This article will answer those questions and if coding is something you have an interest in pick up some of our top tips to get you up and running in developing your own skills.

Start with a simple language: choose a programming language that is beginner friendly. For example, Python. This language is popular and has a simple syntax, which makes it easier to read and understand. Furthermore, Python is used in automation, data analysis and web development.  Starting with a simple language allows you to grasp concepts more easily. This allows you to move on to more advanced languages.

Practice consistently

Developing a regular coding habit is crucial for progress. This is crucial to enhance your problem-solving skills and develop intuition. Try to set aside dedicated time for coding, even if it’s just a small amount per day. At first, work on small projects. Then gradually build on previous projects. Reflect on your code and consider ways to improve it. Additionally, think about alternate approaches to achieve the same goal. By continuously revisiting and improving your projects, you enhance your fundamentals and it allows you to practice your skills.

Breaking it down

Coding often requires you to solve many problems, which can be overwhelming at first. Start by understanding what went wrong and identify the key steps involved. Then, break down the problems into smaller, more manageable chunks. Tackle each problem individually, building on the progress made.

Use online resources and communities

Take advantage of the vast amount of online resources. Some examples are online learning platforms, coding tutorials and documentation. Online coding communities, forums and platforms allow you to ask questions, seek guidance and learn from experienced programmers.

Seek and embrace feedback

Be open to receiving feedback on your code from others, which can provide unique insights and identify areas of improvement. Embrace constructive criticism and use it as an opportunity to learn and grow as a programmer. Furthermore, when an opportunity arises, it always is great to also view someone else’s code. This can inspire you with ideas and information, like different codes and solutions.

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In conclusion, starting with a simple programming language, like Python, would be ideal. The process of breaking down large problems into smaller, more manageable problems is a valuable skill in programming. Online resources such as learning platforms, tutorials, documentation and communities provide lots of support to help you when used correctly. Seeking and embracing feedback allows you to view your code from another perspective. You can also view other people’s code to inspire you.

This video is a quick crash course in Python which yu may find useful.


Hopefully, by following these tips, you can build a strong foundation to build on and navigate through the world of coding. Good luck!

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