How to Protect Your Skin This Winter

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10 November 2022

By Lauren H

Living in the UK, you’ll be more than aware of what damage the cold weather can do to your skin. So, it’s important to keep protected and ensure that you’re using the right products this winter.

According to Dr Nick Lowe, professor of ­dermatology at the Cranley Clinic in London“Harsh winds, rain and cold temperatures will gradually break down the outer layers of skin, important for maintaining the skin’s moisture content.”

So, in order to prevent this, you may want to think more carefully about your skincare regime. Using oils can restore lost moisture and be deeply nourishing, leaving it hydrated and radiant.

Top Products

One of our favourite products is Sanctuary Ultimate Cleansing Oil (£12.99 for 150ml), as it’s easy to use and contains a ton of great ingredients. If you don’t feel comfortable using oil on your skin, as some people react badly to it, you could try Avene Cold Cream Ultra Rich Cleansing Gel (£10 for 200ml) as ‘it has an extremely mild washing formula and a pH level which is perfectly adapted to that of the skin, allowing for gentle cleansing.’

It’s also important to moisturise your face regularly and keep it clean, as always.

Other areas, such as your hands, can start to dry up too, so a hand cream is essential for the colder months. Try Jason Wheat Germ Vitamin E Hand & Body Lotion, which contains wheat germ oil, avocado oil and fatty acids (£8.99 for 250ml). If you don’t want to splash out, cheaper hand creams will do but are unlikely to have long-lasting effects.

Your lips can also dry out quite easily, and become a bit flaky. Try vaseline, or if this doesn’t work you may want to opt for a lip balm. Give Nuxe Reve de Miel® – Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm with Honey a try (£9.50 for 15g), with a formula that nourishes, repairs and soothes.

One final piece of advice is not to get too hot. That may sound a bit ridiculous as, of course, you want to keep nice and toasty after you’ve been out in the cold weather, but going from cold to hot can actually make your skin dry out much quicker. So, stay warm, but not too hot. This is relevant for when you’re having a bath, or a shower, too, as it can also damage your hair.

So, as the colder weather approaches, make sure you get stocked up on all of your skincare essentials, helping you to feel beautiful all year round!

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