Climate Change

Make the Change

22nd October 2020

Here at beep we are all about encouraging young people to stand up for what they believe in and let their voices be heard. Climate change has been a long time topic here on the site and as we all know, this issue isn’t going away in our lifetimes. From major companies choosing to ignore […]

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Use COVID to save the planet

5th October 2020

David Attenborough‘s witness statement, A Life on Our Planet, is strong stuff. It always is from the 93-year-old TV veteran, but with his most recent documentary now available on Netflix, you can sense there’s an urgency to Attenborough’s message this time. He is serious – he’s almost desperate. For many years now, we have known […]

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Unpopular Opinions: Climate Activists are Doing it Wrong

5th November 2019

Besides the murder, corruption and countless other happy goings-on in the world, two words seem to stand out. By now, they are words capable of striking fear into the hearts of even the youngest children. Words describing something that, according to some, is going to wipe us from the face of the earth in just […]

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Private Jets: A Necessity for All Apart from Everyone

31st October 2019

It’s unlikely that you or I will ever experience the feeling of being the only person on a plane as it crosses borders 30,000 feet up. Contrastingly, for some, the only way to enter a new country is by privately jetting off in a swanky Bombardier jet. Private jet sustainability has been threatened in the […]

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Beetle named after Greta Thunberg

28th October 2019

Climate change activist Greta Thunberg has been given the honour of having a newly-discovered beetle named after her. Scientists at the Natural History Museum in London officially named the beetle Nelloptodes gretae due to the 16-year-old’s “outstanding contribution” to leading the fight towards environmental reform. Although it may seem slightly offensive to some to have […]

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Extinction Rebellion take over London

18th October 2019

In just two days of protest, 541 arrests were made. Extinction Rebellion is protesting all around the globe and frankly, the government doesn’t have a clue how to stop it. With Johnson’s only compromise being traditional name-calling (originality points for “uncooperative crusties”, Boris), and Section 14 being enforced to stop disruption to communities, it seems […]

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The Problems of Fast Fashion

15th October 2019

In our modern world, self-image is everything. Since a very young age, our generation has been essentially demanded to look the best they can, with the help of such things as social media. Don’t get me wrong, I fully agree that having your own style is extremely valuable and being interested in fashion is not […]

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Greta Thunberg: The Face of Our Generation

20th September 2019

If you don’t know the name Greta Thunberg, you must be living under a rock. Recently she graced the headlines after sailing across the Atlantic Ocean to New York for a UN Climate summit meeting. At 16, she is enthralling the minds of millions across the globe, inspiring the School Strike for Climate Change movement […]

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Deforestation: The Reality

16th September 2019

Deforestation is one of the saddest things to read about in the world. Hearing that 18 million acres of land are lost to deforestation each year is gutting – not least when so much of that land is home to beautiful animals and breathtaking plants. But there’s more to deforestation than you think. It’s a […]

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The Truth About the Amazon Fires

11th September 2019

At b**p we always strive to deliver the truth to our readers, and, in part, we did this with our article on the agricultural industry feeding the fires in the Amazon rainforest. However, that’s not the full truth. In fact, there’s a lot more to the Amazon fires than simply going vegan. The truth about […]

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Why We Need to Go Further Than Banning Straws

10th September 2019

We all know someone who is boycotting McDonald’s because of their new paper straws, and while it seems like a revolutionary step towards a cleaner Earth, the reality is far from it. It appears that a lot of food establishments are ‘eco-friendly’ because of this new trend, but they fail to consider the fact that […]

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How Your Lifestyle is Causing the Amazon to Burn

6th September 2019

You’ve most likely seen it a million and one times on social media. Photos, videos, campaigns and information about the Amazon Rainforest fire. Though it was a couple of weeks ago now, yet more fires have been sparked in the rainforest. Whether this is another world crisis that you’ve desensitised yourself to, or if you’re […]

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We’re All Screwed

5th September 2019

It’s 2019. You would think considering the technological advancement over the past 100 years that we, as a ‘smart’ race, could actually safeguard our future. We’ve gone from the industrial revolution – a period in time fuelled by a thirst for knowledge – to now: a time where we’ve all miraculously and unanimously decided to […]

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Is the vegan diet really as eco-friendly as we think?

4th September 2019

Many people choose to eradicate animal produce from their diet to try and save the planet. But are they doing more harm than good? Here we explore whether the vegan diet is really as eco-friendly as we think. The vegan illusion Growing crops is often not the perfect method of food production that many people […]

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