I’m a Snob

I feel like it’s time to admit it.

I’m a snob. I do my bit of shopping at Sainsbury’s, I look down my nose at newsagent sandwiches and the people that buy them. I’ll buy Pringles at full price because I have problems with self-control. Why am I telling you all of this?

That’s a lot of money. Worth it. 

Well, you know those adverts for Aldi, where they compare a branded product with one of their own? I’m here to tell you – they’re basically right. From things like Jaffa Cakes to pizza, from shampoo to amaretto, you’re looking at a considerable amount of foodstuffs available for almost a third of what it would cost in some places.

It sounds stupid, but say you’re a bit strapped for cash in the Lake District for a week like yours truly, Aldi is a beacon in the swamp that is standard priced food items.

Speaking of the Lake District, I thought I’d share a few pointers from my time away from civilisation for a week.

For one, it’s gorgeous:

The scenery is amazing. Even in the centre of Keswick, you can look around to see mountain and hilltops surrounding you.

Most places are accessible too, even if you don’t have a car. Bus routes are abundant in and to Keswick. Stagecoach provides most of the journeys so all you would need to do is download the app and buy a week pass. Pretty handy for saving money.

Just make a note of wrapping up warm. Because there’s nothing worse than being all pepped up to go for a walk, then stepping outside only to freeze the entire bottom half of your body off. Seriously, help me, I’m typing this on my phone, I’m at the bottom of a hill somewhere. Buzzards are circling and the squirrels won’t stop eyeing me like an acorn.

But yeah, the lakes are a lovely place to visit and take my advice just in general. Aldi is pretty dang good.