Injustice 2: Review

Injustice 2 offers a sleek fighting game, with a fair loot system and a strong line-up of characters. Plus, Deadshot is still over-powered as heck.

Injustice was a better fighting game that it deserved to be. It followed the story of a crazed Superman after the Joker tricks him into murdering a pregnant Lois Lane. After this he becomes distraught then decides the only way to save the Earth from itself, is to murder every villain. The Justice League join him, out of fear, except one. You can guess who.

Batman eventually captures the raging Superman after some interdimensional travel and tries to go about rebuilding a world run by fear. As this happens, however, Brainiac, a super-powerful all-knowing being attempts to farm Earth of its knowledge, wiping it from existence. It then falls to Bruce to reunite the League, with a little help from Supergirl, one of the new characters.

But enough about story. What about gameplay? Well, if fighting is your jam, you’re going to dig this.

It goes without saying that each character is vastly different. You have a vast array of DC heroes and villains to play as, each with their own super ability and move set. Some are better than others however. There are also a few DLC characters, some we have mentioned before, two of which I bought. Red Hood is fun to play as if not a bit limited in his abilities. Hellboy, however, is a powerhouse, using his giant right hand to smack the crap out of basically anyone.

The loot system keeps things interesting too. As you progress through the story and the single player multiverse stuff, you can unlock mother boxes. These loot boxes are available only in the game, which isn’t too bad. You gain armour pieces for each character from stuff like helmets, arms, chest pieces, insignias and shaders.

Injustice 2 is a fantastic fighting game, one I will probably put another thirty or so hours into.

Just don’t play as Captain Cold.

He sucks.