Internet Flips Out After Gymnast’s Routine

10 February 2016

By Alex Khalil

We all know the routine when it comes to floor gymnastics. Sparkly spandex, music, and some ballet-esque dance moves.

But 21-year-old Sophina DeJesus of the UCLA Gymnastics team has broken the norm after a staggeringly good floor performance to a hip-hop beat. She moves seamlessly through dance moves, and leaping through the air like a superhuman. She (in less than a minute) hits the quan, does the nae nae, and we all watched her whip.

The tumbles were amazing, and has come pretty damn close to breaking the internet after it was uploaded on Saturday.

The audience ended up roaring for a perfect 10, but the judges decided on a 9.925, which (really) isn’t that much of a difference. Floor tumbles aren’t even her best events, as she usually does bars, and this was her first floor routine of the competition season.

Sophina’s sister helped her choreograph the routine, and she has plenty more planned for us in her upcoming competitions.

It’s rather impressive:

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