May The Force Be With You

13 November 2013

By James

Amateur Actors who missed the original casting call have a second chance to audition for what promises to be one of the largest film events of 2015: the next Star Wars film. Aficionados and Professionals alike flocked to Bristol’s Arnolfini Arts Centre last weekend for a chance to be a part of the same franchise that popularised the Danish-Pastry Hairdo and the little green figure that currently graces our Vodafone adverts.

But those who missed the main auditions need not despair: not only are further chances to be had in Glasgow and Dublin among other places, but Lucasfilm (the company behind the films) has announced that it will be accepting entries online.

However, complaints have been made that people attending auditions in Bristol were “turned away just because we weren’t queuing obscenely early in the morning.”

A publicist from Lucasfilm said that 75 who had auditioned had been called back to read a generic script, and that similar numbers were expected for the other UK and US auditions.

Star Wars: Episode VII, scheduled for release on 18th December 2015, is to be directed by big-name in the industry JJ Abrams (Lost, Super 8, Revolution), and is rumoured to star franchise veterans Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher.



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