Okay, this is the best one so far.

A women from Kenya has edited herself into a series of other people’s holiday photos on her Facebook page.

Not being able to afford an expensive trip to Asia, Sevelyn Gat inserted herself into snaps standing next to a plane, on the Great Wall of China and at a temple.

Unfortunately…her Photoshop skills aren’t great.

Here’s the result(s).






However, that’s not what should cheer you up.

Nairobi businessman Sam Gichuru pretty much “harassed” his friends into raising money so she could go on holiday, all expenses paid, and with some spending money.


Seve has also got her first birth certificate, has applied for a passport, and has got an internship as a project manager.

That being said, people on social media could not resist Photoshopping her elsewhere.

Check them out.




Hope you have a good week!