It’s a rather empty month coming up in terms of movies. Seriously, there are like two films worth seeing. But, even so, we have a job to do.

Up first, Suicide Squad: 

We’ve been waiting for this for over a year, and looks to be DC’s saving grace. With a team comprised of some of the most dangerous B-rate villains from the DC universe, it looks to be one helluva ride. With a cameo from the Bat himself, I personally can’t wait for this.

Please be good.

Second, and last, we have a remake of a rather beloved classic:

I don’t remember Pete’s Dragon looking so… not goofy?

Who knows, it could be another magical Disney remake, which they seem to be doing rather well lately. If they pull this off, it could be a good sign for next year’s Beauty and the Beast. But we’ll see.

Well, that was quick, until next month’s list, see ya!