New GOTG Artwork Revealed!

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 has got some serious hype behind it already. When it was revealed in the Marvel film roster, people were rather excited to see where our favourite rogues were headed next.

Well, after some recent artwork was revealed by Empire, we’re left wondering… who or what in the name of Grey-Skull is this thing?

Because that's what Marvel needs. More weird alien stuff.

Because that’s what Marvel needs. More weird alien stuff.

It’s scary and cool, whatever it is.

The Guardians return with some new players in the cast, including Sylvester Stallone (The Expendables, Creed), Kurt Russell (Fast and Furious 7) and everyone’s favourite idiot Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Castle). Groot star Vin Diesel recently revealed the Guardians would definitely be appearing the next Avengers film, which is now only going to be one movie.

Director James Gunn, as well as tweeting out the photo, also said that the next movie won’t have anything to do with the extended universe, and will be its own isolated movie.

“There will be no Infinity Stones in Vol. 2”, he said. “There will be infinity nothing. It’s a story about the Guardians and isn’t meant to lead to anything else.”

It’ll be really cool to see the Guardians take on some bigger enemies, and if the team behind the scenes can capture the same wit and charm we fell in love with two years ago, it should be a blast.

The big question on my mind is, who is this massive tentacle thing? Or is it a red herring to throw us off the main bad guy?

Who knows.

Stay tuned for more Marvel!