Newcastle’s Muslims Stand Against ISIS

4 January 2016

By Lauren E. White

Newcastle’s Muslim community made a stand against the so-called Islamic State group on Sunday afternoon as they marched through the West End of the city.

Coinciding with the Prophet Muhammad’s (MPBUH) birthday, the Peaceful Holy Procession promoted peace and love in the city as well as showing condemnation for Daesh, also known as Islamic State. The group that is known for the beheadings of innocent civilians, the abusive treatment of women and girls and terror attacks around the world have also released a new video with “a message for David Cameron”, threatening terror attacks on the UK.

Despite the rain and gloomy weather, the procession made up of men, women and children continued and they shared the true teachings of Islam: to love all and hate none.

Munir Hussain, of the Islamic Education and Welfare Trust, who helped to organise the event, said: “The procession is about a celebration of the Prophet Muhammad and it’s now a yearly event in Newcastle after the success of the one we organised last year. It’s a happy event where all the Muslims get together and walk around showing comradery and uniting against terror and violence.”

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