After a report of a woman finding a body while playing Nintendo’s latest mobile game, Pokemon Go has become a target for criminals.

Police in Missouri wrote a statement on Facebook today explaining that armed robbers are actually targeting Pokemon Go players, by creating hotspots where people with the app are likely to go to.

The statement read:

The authorities believe that the robbers used the app to “add a beacon to pokestop┬áto lure more players. Apparently they were using the app to locate people standing around in the parking lot or whatever location they were in.”

Pokemon Go players are now being urged to use caution when wandering alone.

Sgt. Robert Kendall said:

“We arrested all four suspects and recovered a handgun. We felt it important for our residents’ safety to share what we did know and remind them to be cognizant of their safety and surroundings.”

There have a been a few more warnings surrounding the game, including warnings against playing while driving.

The Department of Transportation in Washington has told players to not go “Pokemoning” from behind the wheel.

Pokemon Go challenges players to actually go out into the world (ew), and look for their favourite creatures and catch them. You get a pop up on your phone that tells you when a Pokemon is nearby, however while driving, it’s rather important to not start fiddling with your phone.

While the game might now be available for all OSs yet, it has lifted Nintendo shares to a two-month high.

Now I just need a phone that can run the thing.

Because I want one.