So after two decades of waiting, we finally have the immersive Pokémon experience we all wanted when we were small.

After surpassing $14 million in profit already, it has boosted Nintendo’s market cap to almost $28 billion. But while many analysts have said it may not maintain its winning streak, it has become immensely popular.

Everyone is using it.

From die hard Pokémon fans, to people who just want something to do on the way to work.

It has come along at the perfect time too, when the children of the ‘Pokemania’ era are adults now, with time to kill and disposable income to spend on the game store. Nintendo has hit the nostalgia factor hard, by using the original 151 Pokémon.

But how does it work?

Well, unlike all the other Pokémon games, this involves you having to get up, and wander around in search of creatures to capture.

Your location is everything in this game. So you will find that maybe one or two types of Pokémon appear most often, with the occasional uncommon one making an appearance every now and then. You then simply try to catch whatever you’ve happened upon by swiping a Pokeball at them!

If you catch them, they’re yours to keep; if not, better luck next time!

It’s all dependent on your level. Your level and the Pokémon’s CP (Combat Power) all affect how you successful you will be.

Pokestops are there to help though. They show up as blue icons on the game’s screen, and are used to refill Candy, Stardust and Pokeballs, so you always have a place to refresh. Once you have used them, they will turn purple, and normally recharge after about five minutes.

The game is immensely popular across all devices right now, and is even catching up to the current users on Twitter!

There are 151 Pokemon out there to catch.

Go be the very best.

I’m probably the not the first one to use that line at the end of an article on Pokémon Go.