Prepare to Dine

Dark Souls publishers Bandai Namco has revealed its next game, ahead of schedule.

The new title will be called Code Vein, and will be a “dungeon exploration-type, hard-action RPG”. Which seems about right for the team behind the games that made me leave teeth marks in my controller.

The game will be set in a post-apocalyptic future, and players will assume the role of a Revenant. These Revenants are powerful vampires who have lost their memories and live in the Vein, a kind of society set up in this near future. These vampires need blood (obviously), to prevent turning into something called a Lost.

So it follows the Dark Souls trope of needing a certain substance (blood, souls etc.), and using it to stop becoming a lesser being (Hollow, and in this case Lost).

The art style looks beautiful, however, I do hope it changes up the combat a bit from the tried and tested Souls combat.

Have a look:

The game is apparently only 30% complete, and will probably be out next year. It runs on the Unreal Engine 4, however it has not got a confirmed platform yet. We’ll keep you in the know!

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