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24 November 2013

By Lauren H

Finally, as we conclude our run down of last weeks most popular free apps on iTunes, the number one spot is occupied by an app called QuizUp. This app enables you to challenge people all over the world with a game full of trivia questions. You can choose between a wide range of 257 topics, from TV to Literature and everything else in between.

I have really enjoyed using this app because there is something in it for everyone. In every initial topic section there are more specific topics, which can interest everyone in some way. For example, under Music you will find years throughout the 1900’s and even specific artists, such as One Direction and Elton John. There are different questions every time you play, so it is difficult to get bored. New topics are added regularly, which I think is an important thing for the creator to do, as it keeps people interested. In addition to this, you are able to connect with people anywhere and an opponent is always found quickly. You can even choose the ‘discuss’ option and talk about the specific topic with other people and see their opinion on it. This app is a lot of fun because as you play you gain points and achievements, which will eventually raise you up in levels. So the more you play, the higher the level you will become. As with many other games like this, it tends to become quite addictive because you want to better your score. I think one of the best things about QuizUp is that even though it is created for entertainment purposes, you can improve on your knowledge at the same time.

However, the only concern I have with this app is that there are quite a lot of spelling mistakes throughout, and often the questions are worded badly, or phrases are repeated. This is quite frustrating to see on such a popular app because it makes it seem less professional. Although this may be the case, I can see nothing else negative about QuizUp.

This certainly deserves the number one spot and I can understand why so many people are choosing to download it. So, I would definitely suggest downloading this app because you will have a lot of fun challenging your friends and others, whilst learning new and interesting things and possibly even bragging about your achievements!



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