Harry Potter will be remembered for the rest of history as classic children’s fiction. There will be other books about wizards, but there are always classics. It’s just that, with this classic, there is a huge studio tour you can embark on in the leafy suburb of Leavesden near London.

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The Warner Brothers Studio Tour walks you through the making of Harry Potter: from the cupboard under the stairs to the Knight Bus to the Gryffindor common room and, to my personal favourite, Dumbledore’s office. On the tour, you see pretty much everything in the films that you could ever want to see. The dead Dobby figure? They’ve got it. Hagrid’s head? They’ve got it. The Weaselys’ house? They’ve got it. The Ministry of Magic? They’ve got that too. There is so much packed into the studio you honestly have to make sure you take it all in as you’re walking around in case you miss Alan Rickman’s Snape hairpiece, or McGonagall’s wand next to the Mirror of Erised.

One of the best things about the studio tour is that magic is brought to life. You will be surprised and amazed, but I can’t tell you what about due to the serious number of spoilers I could end up giving away. Just trust me: you’ll get some wonderfully delightful shocks along the way.

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Hogwarts in the Snow

Butter beer is available for you to try halfway through the tour too – and you just have to give it ago. You’ll feel like Harry, Ron and Hermione and you’ll absolutely love it. The studio tour is the ultimate destination for all Harry Potter super-fans, so you must head there at least once in your life. The problem is, even though you’ve stared at the Hogwarts Express and the clothes worn by the beloved actors in the films once, you’ll want to go back and do it again. Especially in the winter when they do the ‘Hogwarts in the Snow’ display.