So People Really Like GoT

Given how literally everyone on Earth apart from four people watched the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale, it makes sense that the show’s previous records would be shattered. The iconic and highly acclaimed show has been in the face of everyone, whether you watch it or not, and it’s finally over until next season.

How’s that seat feeling Cersei? Bit warm? Wait till the dragons show up.

The Wolf and the Dragon, the finale, the big payoff attracted 12.1 million viewers on traditional TV and around 4 million viewers on streaming services. This broke the previous record, which was only set a few weeks ago by episode five in the series. For the entire season, around 31 million people have tuned in to see what is essentially the semi-final to this enormous success of a show. This season is the first to not run ten episodes and troubled a great many viewers with its inconsistent timing. But it’s literally just a show, cool your jets, do you want to see dragons fighting or not?


No release date has been given for the next season, but it’s very likely it will top even these numbers.

Now I just need to watch the flippin’ thing. Because dragons.