Song Review: Blinded by Your Grace, Pt. 2

23 December 2017

By Lauren E. White


I’ll admit it: I’m no Stormzy fan. Nor am I a fan of what’s usually in the charts. Back in the days of 2010, I was well into the charts, but now the rap and the dance is just not for me. So when I heard that Blinded by Your Grace, Pt. 2 was by Stormzy – the same man behind the lyrics “Walk in the club with all of my tugs/ Party’s done, everybody go home/ Apart from the girl dem, you lot stay” – I was shocked.

Blinded by Your Grace showcases the London-born hip-hop and grime star’s church choir background, the soft tones of his usually ultra-fast voice are (for some of the song at least) slowed right down to a calm melody. Not only is Stormzy’s sound different on this track, but so are his lyrics. Singing about the Lord and grace and vulnerability is not usually what you hear being blasted at parties, so it is safe to say that with this track Stormzy has stepped out of his comfort zone. And for the better.

It’s safe to say that Blinded by Your Grace, Pt. 2 featuring MNEK is a stellar addition to the artist’s new album Gang Signs & Prayer. Sure to get stuck in your head and even move you deep down, this song is well deserving of a BRIT award at the very least and shows that some people are just full of surprises. Nice one, Stormzy.

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