After a relatively warm December, squirrels have become pleasingly plump over the holiday season, after more food was available throughout the month. We’re all a bit guilty of having too much to eat over Christmas, from parties to the main meal on the 25th, and it would appear our nature’s wildlife is also open to temptation.

Last month, temperatures stayed rather mild throughout at 7.9°C, 4.1°C above the longest term average. Wildlife experts are saying that due to the change in temperature, more food was readily available in the habitats of some of our furry-faced friends. Squirrels do not hibernate like many other woodland creatures; instead they gain up to a quarter of their own bodyweight in fat to keep them warm. They also grow large coats, which makes them appear bigger.


So fat. So innocent. Too good for this world.

Nature expert and TV presenter Iolo Williams said “With the extra layers of fat and thicker winter coat, this can make them look much bigger.”

With weather warnings out for snow to arrive next week, while we may have had a mild December, we may be in for a colder start to the year.

But for now: