Stop Saying Sorry

Chinese artist Yao Xiao has created some thoughtful and rather adorable cartoons as to why next time you say sorry, you should think about what you mean to say more carefully.


The whole point of the cartoons is that instead of saying sorry as a stand-in word, you should say something more positive. For example:


It just sounds better, doesn’t it? If you’re late, say thanks for waiting, don’t make your company feel like crap by accident.

Another good point raised by the New York artist was that we shouldn’t be sorry for just existing, or needing someone to listen.


She realised that saying thank you not only gives you positive reinforcement, but also gives positive reinforcement to the person you’re talking to.


Yao said in an email to the Independent: 

“Apologising for being present/being vulnerable and open was something I used to do… acknowledging that you appreciate someone who cared for you [by saying thank you] is a very nice thing to do and makes both parties feel great.”




So yeah, if you ever feel like saying sorry for something miniscule, be positive about it instead!  Never feel sorry for having needed some help or some company.

You’ll feel much better.31869-18xjfd1