The Day of the Doctor

23 November 2013

By Lauren E. White

Yes, the day thousands of ‘Whovians’ across the globe have been awaiting: The Day of The Doctor.

As a tribute to 50 fantastic years of the sci-fi programme, Doctor Who, BBC aired the one hour fifteen minute long special episode, that sees past and present Doctors, Monsters, Companions and TARDIS’ come together. The episode was also screened in cinemas all over the World in 3D, exciting fans old and new.

Reactions on the social networking site Tumblr, show a negative vibe to the specialty. A number of fans claiming the show was ‘poorly written’ and ‘cruel’ as it saw two former characters become completely oblivious to each others’ presence.

day of the doctor pic

The writer of the episode, Stephen Moffat, is often slated by Who fans as he does not bring the feel to his episodes like former writer, Russell T Davies. Many fans were disappointed with the outcome and the huge plot twist that the show depicts.

Despite the evident disappointment that will guarantee to upset fans of the Tenth Doctor’s era, the majority still enjoyed the episode. No matter what, Doctor Who still has the capability to capture the nation’s heart in the strangest of ways – even without them realising.

Overall, the episode will indeed go down in history and whether you’re a fan or not; it’s pretty great to think you are alive in one of Britain’s most cultural shows 50th year. The episode did not fill a wound that has forever to heal with old-school fans, but is definitely a must watch.

Cast List:

–       David Tennant (former 10th Doctor)

–       Billie Piper (companion)

–       Matt Smith (11th and current Doctor)

–       Jenna-Louise Coleman (companion)

–       John Hurt (a reincarnation of The Doctor in the Time War)



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