The Reality of it All

3 February 2015

By James

With a huge proportion of the world’s population lusting after more and more complex gadgets and technology giant Apple pulling in the largest quarterly income ever by a private company, it forms a stark contrast to the rest of the world that some communities in the world are totally bereft of the little electronic comforts which we take for granted. A small village in India has just received its first fridge, sixty years after the device first became commonplace in the UK and America.

Rameshwarpur, with a population of around 200, has electricity and televisions, but only one in four households in India has a fridge. Santosh Chowdhury spent a month’s salary on the cooling device, paying just over £120 in monthly instalments.

Many would argue that the gap between the rich and the poor in this world is increasing in size, but it seems that increased access to credit and loans from both businesses and banks is helping to some extent to close that gap. The world is still a long way from everyone finding equality, but a fridge in India is still very much a start.

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