The top five Hozier songs

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28 April 2021

By Tabitha Wilson

Irish singer-songwriter Hozier rose to fame in 2013 after a smash-hit debut EP (named below). Since then, his career has gone from strength to strength: his debut album has been certified platinum six times in his home country, multi-platinum around the world; and have been nominated for a Grammy. So we’ve whittled down the top five Hozier songs just for you, here at Beep.

5. Take Me To Church

The hit single that catapulted Hozier to stardom comes in at number five, and for good reason –  the religious metaphors scattered throughout that simultaneously describe a romantic relationship and criticise the Catholic church are perfectly paired with the Irish singer’s soaring, powerful vocals.

4. Arsonist’s Lullabye

A bonus song from Hozier’s self-titled debut, Arsonist’s Lullabye is a masterclass in lyricism. With countless biblical allusions sprinkled over a steady beat and dynamic, building guitar riff, this is definitely one of Hozier’s most underrated tracks.

3. Cherry Wine

A softer, tender guitar melody is juxtaposed by dark lyrics depicting domestic abuse – a moving indie-folk song, Cherry Wine perfectly encapsulates the conflicting emotions that can arise in an unhealthy relationship.

2. Talk

Hozier uses Greek mythology to create a sensual, seductive celebration of pure lust. With a perfectly plucked guitar riff supporting the Irish singer’s impressive vocals, Talk is a flawless example of Hozier’s breath-taking songwriting ability.

1. Work Song

Hozier at his best – Work Song combines a gospel-blues style with a strong melodic bass and church-like backing vocals, and stellar lyricism that contains literary themes of religion, love and sin. Work Song is a must listen – if you’re not already a fan, you will be after this!

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