TV Review: Our Planet, BBC

19 September 2019

By NEBeep

Our Planet is a TV series originally broadcast by the BBC, but now streaming on Netflix. Narrated by the amazing David Attenborough and filmed across the world, Our Planet is all about animals, their habitats and how they survive in difficult circumstances.

This is a popular series that has inspired people to be more aware of global warming. Our Planet describes how animals live differently to humans and how they suffer because of our actions towards the planet. A quote from David Attenborough explains the show in a nutshell: “With our help, the planet can recover.” David Attenborough’s motive is to publicise changes in the environment and to therefore change people’s actions.

Our Planet characterises each different animal and where they come from. For example, in episode three, Jungles, Attenborough explains how there is only one safe drinking area for the animals, due to the number of poachers active.

In the series, there is no music added in by the producers. The audience can instead enjoy nature’s orchestra and feel the presence of the animals. Each episode is filmed with great time and care, so none of the photos and videos are animated.


Finally, during episode eight, Attenborough shows that despite a serious lack of food availability, animals can still adapt. In this episode, there is a tiger hunting for a wild boar to eat. The boar doesn’t eventually get eaten by the tiger, meaning the tiger is left to carry on hunting in the isolated forest.

Our Planet is a very fascinating programme and I recommend that you don’t miss a single minute. Grab some popcorn before it starts!

By Aditi from Newcastle High School for Girls

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