Un-bear-ably Comfy

There’s nothing quite like lounging around on your sofa after a long day, or just because you’re lazy and you need a food nap.

On a garbage dump visit (because that’s apparently something Canadians do), nurse Mandy Stantic noticed a black bear just chilling on an abandoned sofa. Man does he look like a comfy boy. Bears often hang around dumps and garbage, because they’re dirty boys. This one, however, isn’t about that life.

I like this bear. I respect him.

Stantic told CBC:

‘You don’t see that very often. He’s just posing, like a person. So, it just looked like he was ready to have some popcorn and chill. You don’t see animals imitating [humans] – sitting with their legs crossed, arms over the chair there.’


This isn’t the first bear to cause a stir in recent months. There was that one time a bear tried to get into a house because he smelled brownies.