Uninspirational- Katie Price

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4 December 2014

By Bronwen

Katie Price is an ex-page three model, mostly famous for marrying singer Peter Andre and writing books about her life. She was born in Brighton on the 22 of May, 1978. Price was kicked out of The Sun’s third page after readers voted that all of the models should be natural.

Jordan big boobs
1. Her trade mark is ‘her gigantic breasts’. Basically, this means that she is famous for having two globules of fat and silicone on her chest. Not for anything worthwhile, just for being busty.
2. It seems like Katie Price is always marrying and unmarrying, and entering new relationships, forever wasting the time of courts everywhere. Price has probably single-handedly increased the divorce rate for the UK. Even in 2014, years and years after her divorce from Peter Andre, it seems there is still a lot of drama being brought up from the past and smothering the front pages of magazines.

3. She is arguably the biggest setback to feminism since the invention of the word ‘kitchen’. She teaches girls that you need to get your boobs out on page three to become famous and rich, which is untrue and very uninspiring.

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