We Asked @Gemmareacts About That Tattoo…

5 October 2017

By Bronwen

TOWIE star Gemma Collins is quickly becoming the most meme-able person on the internet. Thousands of us are in love with everything about her: from the way she says “girls” to the fact that she’s the worst vegetarian ever.

The majority of Twitter’s Gemma Collins memes comes from @Gemmareacts. With over 70,000 followers so far, this account posts dozens of fresh new Gemma memes everyday.

However, it’s not just memes that you’ll find on the account. GemmaReact’s latest stunt goes above and beyond anything anyone has ever done in support of Gemma Collins before. The account’s owner, Lewis Aitkin has made his love for her skin deep by getting a tattoo commemorating her most iconic and signature phrase that is probably too explicit to mention on a teen website (we all know you already know it, anyway). On Wednesday morning, the page tweeted:

Within a few hours, over 5000 people had decided they wanted to see this tattoo happen. And it did.

Since this is the best thing to happen on Twitter in a long time, we decided to interview @Gemmareacts to ask about FaceTime conversations with Gemma, goals for the future and of course, that tattoo.

When you first started your account , were you expecting it would ever be so popular?

“Not really, I didn’t think it would get this big that quickly cause it’s only been just over a month- it’s crazy.”

You currently have over 70,000 followers- do you have a target number for the end of the year?

“100K hopefully but it’s not all about the followers. I just wanna make people laugh. There’s so much horrible stuff happening in the world, I just wanna make people smile and hopefully make Gemma proud too.”

You’re the biggest Gemma Collins meme account on Twitter- how much time do you dedicate to running the page?
“As much time as I can really. If I’m not busy, I’m trying to come up with new memes that haven’t been done before.”
Does it ever get in the way of other commitments? e.g. work/school
“No, I’m currently not in work due to personal reasons so suppose you could say it’s a hobby.”

Am I correct in thinking you’ve met Gemma already?

“She’s FaceTimed me.”

What was that experience like for you? Especially as you’re such a big fan.

“It was surreal to be honest she was lovely. It was just before she did an appearance at G A Y and she was so bubbly. Best FaceTime convo I’ve had.”

So we’ve all seen that legendary tattoo. Most people are happy to accept that it’s a real tattoo but there has been a few doubters. Can you confirm for the tattoo-deniers that this is a real tat?

“I sat through the needle hitting my skin at like 100mph- I was dared by my best friend Samantha so I posted the tweet I didn’t think I would get the 5K likes but I’m a guy of his word so yeah its 100% real.”

That’s some true dedication. What did the tattoo artist say when you told them what you wanted?

“Well weirdly it wasn’t the worst they’d been asked to do but we all laughed. I had to explain the reasoning behind it but yeah he was fine with it just laughed it off really.”

What do you think Gemma would say?

“Well I actually told her I was gonna do it and she was like “omg lol don’t” but I thought it was funny and I love Gemma she’s so funny so I did it anyway.”

Here’s the question on everyone’s mind: Has your family seen it yet?

“Yes they have- I couldn’t really hide it considering where it is. My mum wasn’t the best pleased but she laughed it off and my dad, well he was like “Oh, another tattoo”.”

Thanks for chatting with me- you’ve been great. One last question: Can we expect anymore Gemma themed tattoos in the future?

“Well you never know- watch this space.”

Twitter- We spoke to @Gemmareacts (AKA coolest guy on Twitter) about his Gemma Collins tattoo

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