‘No good turn goes unpunished’ is an expression that might be quite close to home for US rapper Kanye West at the moment after he was falsely accused of providing sub-par catering at an event he performed at on the 1st of November.

Kanye and his Sunday Service team performed at a fundraising event called ‘Brunchella’ which took place on church grounds in Bethany, Louisiana.

Brunchella involved a Church Service with songs performed from Kanye’s new album Jesus is King and a ‘brunch’ which set attendees back $55 (£42).

As reported on Twitter, those who bought the brunch package were less than satisfied with the quality and quantity of food they received.

The brunch consisted of “cold” pancakes, rashers of bacon and a sausage.

Food aside, attendees also complained that West turned up two hours late and the ‘VIP section’ was just a sign in the ground.


Even though Kanye was not responsible for the catering, he received a social media backlash similar to that of Billy McFarland and Ja Rule following the infamous Fyre Festival.

There was little sympathy for those that spent money on this event. In case you missed it, Kanye was cancelled last year after he claimed slavery was a “choice” and going on several pro-Trump Twitter rants.

This isn’t the first time there’s been controversy around Kanye’s Sunday Service. Last month, he performed with the group at Howard University in the country’s capital. Howard is a historically black university and it didn’t feel appropriate to some to have Kanye there given his comments on slavery and Donald Trump.