12 Lists of Christmas: Ten Trends we Should Leave in 2021

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7 December 2021

By Lauren Kelly

Some popular things get better with age, while others are best left in 2021. So, here’s our list of ten trends we’d like to say goodbye to.

10. Jackets with shoulder pads


Many blazers and coats have started coming with large shoulder pads and surely no one looks better in these than without?

Now, I understand a businessperson wearing one to work or a meeting, but no one should be going about their daily lives with shoulders that make them look rectangular.

9. Gigi Hadid’s pasta recipe


2021 has led us to the disastrous trends of recreating meals and recipes that, to be frank, are boring. Don’t get me started on Emily Mariko and her salmon dish.

However, the worst has to be Gigi Hadid’s vodka pasta recipe – a meal that is unseasoned and bland and tricks people into thinking they’ll make the next series of Master Chef by putting vodka in a pan with spaghetti.

8. Giant bushy brows


I mean, this one is exactly like it sounds. I don’t understand the brushing your eyebrows up so they’re as spiky as a 14-year-old boys’ hair in 2012. Normal, natural eyebrows are the way to go.

7. Babyfication


Why have we suddenly made everything childlike? Girls on TikTok acting immature and being ‘cute’ like a baby? The baby filter on Snapchat that makes you look younger than you are?

I don’t understand, and I don’t think it’s something that should be glamourised over social media.

6. Overlining lips

How to overline your lips | Be Beautiful India

With the amount of talented, safe and affordable lip filler technicians around, we should not be overlining our lips. Everyone can tell you’re doing it and it doesn’t add anything to your appearance.

Please, leave your lip liner in 2021.

5. Low rise jeans

You have to think practically – what about warmth? After a large meal, the last thing I need to be thinking about is half of my stomach on show.

It was funny at first when people started wearing low waist things, but enough is enough. This is one of those trends that should have been left in the year 2000.

4. Ridiculous sizing

I should not be ordering three different sizes from every shop because everywhere seems to fit different.

Shein, why is an XL the equivalent of a 12?

Oh Polly, why can’t I fasten a dress two sizes bigger than what I wear every day?

It seems to have become a popular trend this year and it absolutely needs to be changed.

3. Repeating tweets

Everyone has seen viral tweets. We have a laugh about it and then move on.

But this year, why do people seem to repeat the viral tweet hundreds of times and we have to see the same thing for months on end? I don’t understand the need to recycle humour.

I found it funny six months ago – I do not need to see it again.

2. Depop

With the rise in Instagram content, people have started taking fashion and photography to a new level. Buying clothes to take one picture in and then selling it brand new WITH TAGS on Depop.

Going into charity shops or second-hand shops and then doubling the price of the item on a site made for selling old clothing.

1. Our reliance on technology


Due to lockdown, we spent a lot of time on our phones. I have noticed more people checking social media religiously, noticing small changes in influencers’ behaviours, and piling onto Twitter after freaking out at the thought of Snapchat and Instagram being down.

Can we go back to a time when we texted people rather than DMs on Instagram? It just encourages pointless scrolling and procrastinating your ever approaching deadline.

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