What have we done?

17 December 2019

By Sophie

If the general election has brought light on anything it is the true colours of our beloved Britain; selfish, racist, homophobic, prejudice and foolish Britain.

We have voted against everything that we should be proud of: the NHS, council housing, free education, benefits, the list can go on. And why? Because we are scared of those who come to us in need of help, those who are slightly different than us, those who have the possibility to make our country a better place, to do the jobs we don’t want to, who might be willing to work harder than us. 

We have been brainwashed by the media. 

We have been brainwashed into not only demonising foreigners, the homeless and LGBTQ+ community but the working class, deeming them to be a group of lazy drunks rather than the hard-working members of our nation.

We have been manipulated into supporting inequality, whether it be between the classes, sexuality’s, genders or races; rather than coming together to tackle issues together we have decided that the best way forward is to divide, choosing to embrace the differences rather than our similarities. As the great MP that was Jo Cox once said, “we are far more united and have far more in common with each other than things that divide us.” Why can’t we embrace the similarities than differences?

We have decided that we would rather be lead by a babbling buffoon, sell off the treasure that is the NHS, underfund the amazing education system and snatch everything away from society’s most vulnerable rather than have slightly increased taxes.

We would rather listen to hateful, racist, misogynistic journalists than tackle the real problems: the housing crisis, the cuts and the much-needed improvements on mental health. 

We should be wanting to improve, grow and flourish as a country but instead, we are doing the opposite, allowing ourselves to be consumed by hate and resentment for the innocent. You do realise what we have done, don’t you?

You do understand that we are the bad guys?

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