What is Evolution?

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16 May 2023

By NEBeep

What is evolution? Are humans still evolving? If we evolved from monkeys, why are there still different species now?

Evolution is a process of a species adapting to its environment. This relies on natural selection; the mechanism. An organism that is more adapted to its environment has a higher chance to live until it can reproduce. To simplify that, it’s the way living things change over time.

All organisms, including humans, will evolve because of the nature of Earth and all of its unique environments.

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Humans have been on the planet for 6 million years and share a common ancestor with monkeys, which both evolved around 25 million years ago. The reason why there are still monkeys today is that natural selection only relies on how long an organism lives until it reproduces.

Scientists have created a model called “Mindy” of what they think humans will evolve to look like by the year 3000 and It’s a great example of how we have evolved and how we will adapt over time. Mindy has been created with a hunched back and neck from looking at phones as well as “Text-Claw” from causing strain on certain parts of contact.

Basically, evolution is a process of a species adapting to its environment, working by natural selection. The reason why we co-exist with monkeys is because we had a common ancestor and this only relies on how long you live until the species reproduces.

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