Philip Hammond

It may or may not have slipped your notice this weekend what our Chancellor has been reportedly saying in private cabinet meetings. It has disgusted pretty much everyone and humiliated one: him.

So, let’s recap:

1. Saturday – sexism

It was reported in The Sun (yes, not the most credible of sources, but seeing as it is right-wing and Tories are backstabbers, it’s probably true) that Philip Hammond said trains are so easy to drive nowadays “even” a woman could do it.

2. Sunday – Brexit

This one isn’t so interesting, but someone in the cabinet (probably Michael Gove as he’s good at doing this sort of stuff – betrayal) also said that Hammond is betraying everyone by not putting immigration at the top of his Brexit priorities list. Instead, he put jobs and economic security.

3. Sunday – public sector workers

Despite the fact that since 2010, teachers’ pay has gone down by 15%, Philip Hammond said that public sector workers are “overpaid”. Wow. For someone in charge of all the maths in this country, he’s pretty bad at maths. And morals.

So, Philip Hammond sounds as though he’s been making his mouth go as usual, only this time, people aren’t in the mood to keep it quiet.

Hammond’s comments are annoying and wrong. He genuinely makes me cringe when I think of what else he says when he’s sitting around the cabinet table. And it makes me wonder why Theresa hasn’t chucked him yet.

It’s not like whoever has leaked the reports is doing so for the moral reason (that what Hammond is saying is outdated and offensive) but I think I can let that pass. After all, I thought the dinosaurs were extinct thousands of years ago.