Yes, He’s Playing Bond

Daniel Craig, after a good year of faffing around, has finally admitted he will be playing Bond, one last time, in 2019. He confirmed the news on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

Craig said “I think this is it. I just want to go out on a high note.”

He also cleared some things he said in the wake of Spectre. On The Graham Norton Show, he said that he would rather slash his wrists than do another film. This was, however, as the actor confirmed, two days after what sounded like a very demanding shoot. So, if someone was asking me about the next film too, I’d probably say the same. He said that his choice of words was “really stupid” in hindsight.

The next Bond movie already has a release date scheduled, but we have no further details than that. The date is November 8th, 2019, and the details of the film will be released at a later date, according to production companies Eon and MGM. It’ll be interesting to see what direction they take Craig in, given he is the most realistic Bond to date.

All will be revealed soon.

Or rather, two years from now.