KFC Comes Crawling Back

After the debacle KFC has been facing in the last two weeks relating to its chicken supply, it has switched back to its former supplier Bidvest. It switched to DHL, but not long after, deliveries were not coming in, causing hundreds of stores to literally run out of chicken.

Bidvest has now signed a new contract with the fast-food chain in UK and Ireland to supply 350 of its 900 restaurants. The company promises a ‘seamless return’. Until 13th February all of KFC’s deliveries were handled by Bidvest.

DHL blamed the lack of deliveries on ‘operational issues’ at a warehouse near Rugby it was using for nationwide deliveries.

KFC have been dealing with limited menus for the past few weeks, with lettuce and chicken being hard to find in a KFC kitchen. Restaurants all over the country were closed due to shortages, including the MetroCentre’s two chains and their newly opened restaurant in Newcastle.

“Our focus remains on ensuring our customers can enjoy our chicken without further disruption,” said a KFC spokesperson.

More than 97% of its restaurants are now open for business, however, there would be some limited menus in a few stores until full service is resumed. Paul Whyte of Bidvest said they were ‘delighted’ to resume their partnership.