Another week, another cavalcade of game news to get through. This week, we had Fallout 76, the newest game from Bethesda. We had a school shooting game get removed from Steam and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds developer Bluehole sued Epic Games. Oh boy.

Starting with Bluehole, the company has levied a lawsuit against Epic Games, stating it breached a contract clause, prohibiting them from making a battle royale game. Battle Royale has become the next big thing, just like survival horror and zombies before it.

Bluehole is suing on the argument that Epic Games promised it would not make a battle royale game. The Korean studio stated PUBG was the ‘first standalone battle royale survival shooter game’. We suspect this is the company spitting its dummy out after the earnings for Fortnite were vastly above that of PUBG in the last few months.

Maybe people prefer regular updates and stable performance?

Just a thought.

Next, we have the hot mess that was Active Shooter, a game in which you are essentially tasked with either dealing with a school shooter or shooting up a school. Valve removed the game from its platform, but this highlights a problem the storefront has had for years. We’d recommend Jim Sterling’s video for more detail.

Valve only responds to something like this when it hits headlines. Instead of stopping it from getting on the store, to begin with, it waited, then took it down. It’s how YouTube handled Logan Paul way back when. And it’s stupid. Could have been avoided.

Fix your b**p Valve.

Lastly, we have the first teaser trailer for the next Bethesda game Fallout 76 game. Rumours are flying that it will be an online survival game, which could mean we’ll be seeing a return of the dreaded base building in Fallout 4. Which was arguably the weakest point of an already disappointing game.

Despite my initial review, Fallout 4 was less Fallout and more shooter. It stripped away the RPG elements in favour of base building and combat tweaks.

Expectations are low for this one.

Stay tuned for more and if you want to check out last week’s news, have a gander here.