4 budget halloween costumes

31st October 2018

It’s the designated spookiest time of the year. And Halloween parties are near unavoidable. No one wants to be that person who constantly receives grief for their lack of costume. Not to worry though, your old uncle Kieran is here to help with a few costume ideas that won’t break the teeteringly fragile bank. Shaun […]

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5 BARGAIN Halloween Outfits

19th October 2017

If you’re on a budget this Halloween, but you still want to get all dressed up, worry no more. Here are our top 5 bargain outfits! ASDA – This supermarket always has some great Halloween costumes, and this year is no different. If you want a cheap costume, but don’t want to worry about its quality, […]

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UK Glamour Mag Going Digital

6th October 2017

UK Glamour magazine is going ‘digital first’, stopping the monthly issues and instead will be producing ‘collectable, glossy tomes’ twice a year. A spokeswoman said that the ‘mobile-first, social-first’ will be more focused on how readers are ‘living their life today’. The magazine company will be going into consultation over jobs, but there are no solid […]

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Harry Styles Pricing ‘Mistake’ Has Fans Upset

22nd September 2017

At an LA gig on Wednesday night, there was an apparent mix-up with the pricing of some of the merch on sale. Fans of the former 1D star noticed smaller shirts and hoodies were cheaper than their larger counterparts. The company, Live Nation, said there had been a ‘mistake in size pricing’. https://twitter.com/HSupdating/status/910239294542970880 This obviously […]

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PLT ‘Suggestive’ TV Ad Pulled

21st September 2017

A TV ad for the online retailer Pretty Little Thing has been banned, due to sexually suggestive themes. This comes after the advert featured an adult model who was mistaken for a child, in certain outfits and poses. The ad prominently featured two models, both were adults, posing in the middle of the desert. One […]

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Fired but now hired

13th September 2017

After the whole L’Oreal debacle, Munroe Bergdorf has been hired by Illamasqua, a makeup and modelling company. In response to the model being dropped by L’Oreal, the agency wrote on Twitter: ‘As a longstanding Illamasqua collaborator, we are angered to hear that Munroe Bergdorf has been dropped from the L’Oreal True Match Campaign. Illamasqua is […]

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Size Does Matter?

31st August 2017

Winner of the Miss United Continents beauty pageant says she returned her crown after being told she was ‘too big’. She was even told she needed to go on a diet. Let’s keep in mind however that Zoiey Smale looks like this: Yeah. Exactly. She is a size 10, won the contest in June against […]

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Naomi Vs Vogue

24th August 2017

Diversity is an odd issue everywhere. From comics to films, now even Vogue is being called out for the 50 shades of white they for their models. Naomi Campbell criticised the lack of diversity under the previous editor for British Vogue, Alexandra Schulman. She did so on Instagram, showing a photo of the editors for […]

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Plus-Sized Models Good for Mental Health

8th June 2017

Who would’ve thought? Oh wait, everyone. As if that needed to be said. Yep, according to researchers at the Florida State University, women experience a boost in their psychological health after seeing realistic body shapes and sizes, rather than underweight models. The researchers recruited 49 women, all wanting to lose weight. These women were then […]

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This Guy is the Newest Maybelline Ambassador

13th January 2017

Meet Manny Gutierrez: A photo posted by Manny Gutierrez (@mannymua733) on Jan 8, 2017 at 7:00pm PST He’s now the first ever-male ambassador for the make-up brand Maybelline. And honestly, we can see why. LOOK.   A photo posted by Manny Gutierrez (@mannymua733) on Jan 9, 2017 at 7:31pm PST THOSE. A photo posted by […]

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Top 5 Lifestyle Bloggers

10th January 2017

If the January Blues have hit you already, you may be looking for some motivation to keep you going. So, a lifestyle blogger is always a great place to start. With great recipes, stunning make-up looks, and everything else you could possibly need, it’s definitely worth checking them out. So, where should you start? Well, […]

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Top 5 Christmas Party Outfits

8th December 2016

Christmas time is great. It’s an excuse to dress up all glam and go to too many parties, but that often means that you’re left with nothing to wear. So, to save you frantically trying to find something over the next few weeks we’re here to provide you with a round-up of the top 5 […]

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The Best, Worst Christmas Jumpers

8th December 2016

We all love a good Christmas jumper, but sometimes the worst ones are actually the best. You’ve got to be covered in glitter and pom poms, with cringy Christmas music blasting out and a ton of flashing lights. You might look a bit ridiculous, but you’ll certainly be in the Christmas spirit. Primark is always great […]

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You Know What Sucks?

22nd November 2016

Bullying. You know what doesn’t suck? Standing up to bullying in a way only a t-shirt can. With slogans. Our Design Journey, an online store for inspirational clothing, have released a selection of t-shirts designed by kids, for kids. The slogans combat the idea that bullying fixes people, as the project’s tag line is ‘you […]

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