Women’s Fashion Trends for Summer 2021

9 May 2021

By NEBeep

It is hard to imagine rocking a crop top or even going out without a big coat at the minute. May temperatures plummeted to below zero in many places around the country with snow and hail battering us here in the North East. But here we are with some of the trends to expect when the weather does heat up and ‘going out out’ is a reality rather than a fantasy.

Wide Legs


A staple of the 80’s closet, wide legs are a welcomed addition to any fashionistas’ collection. Whether they are dressed up or down, they will always look classy.



Adding a twist to any item, expect to see cutouts around the waist in dresses and jumpsuits as well as on tops, showing flesh in a stylish and unconventional way.


Who doesn’t like glitter? Whether you are cutting and sticking as we all did in primary school or rocking a glittery outfit or carrying a bag that wouldn’t have looked out of place at Studio 54 back in the seventies, who doesn’t like to shine?

Crop Tops


It would be hard to find anyone who doesn’t possess a crop top, whether it be for sleeping in, gymming it or for those sunny days we long for. Well, this year permission is granted to wear those tops with whatever you choose, sweats, skirts, blazers so get pairing.

Puffy Sleeves


Puffy sleeves are also a big thing this year. Whether you are wearing them casually or dressing up, they bring a definitive Elizabethan flavour to any outfit.

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