Bar Review: Jalou, Newcastle upon Tyne

15 August 2019

By Lauren E. White


Newcastle is famous for its exuberant nightlife and the best places to drink in the country. And it’s no wonder – there are a whole host of great places to have a tipple in NCL. Jalou, a bar just down from Newcastle Central Station and right next door to the Royal Station Hotel, is one of them.

Jalou is well-known by cocktail-drinkers for its creative cocktail menu – and rightly so. You can get the sweetest ‘candy shop’ cocktails at Jalou which include creations with candyfloss and marshmallows. And you can up the creativity game with the sugary cocktails like a raspberry mojito and their famous Cookie Monster.


The Cookie Monster comes in at £7.50 and tastes exactly like cookie dough. You’re literally drinking alcohol but it just tastes like Ben & Jerry’s – it’s dangerous. Mixed with vanilla vodka and Baileys, it’s one of the nicest cocktails I’ve ever tasted, and it’s no wonder you see photos of this specific cocktail everywhere.

If you’re not a massive fan of the super-sweet, Jalou still has you covered. Classic cocktails like espresso martinis, strawberry daquiris and mojitos are all still up for grabs and are fairly priced – especially considering you’re drinking right in the centre of town.

Jalou’s only let-down is the lack of atmosphere and its decor. It’s far too dark inside with black walls and black booths, so for good, old-fashioned day-drinking, you’ll want to sit outside. Yet, if you sit outside it’s still black walls and dark furniture, which doesn’t really create any kind of atmosphere. Even on a Thursday – when all cocktails are half price all day – it was pretty dead and there is no statement made by the bar.

However, if you want some delicious cocktails and a nice afternoon with your friends, Jalou (especially on a Thursday) is a great place to drink. Compromise on atmosphere and have the quality of drink – it’s worth it.

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