Dealing With Feelings of Dread

30 October 2019

By Lauren E. White

Feelings of dread are acutely different from feelings of anxiety. The root of dread is probably the same as anxiety, though it’s not quite the same. Dread is more of an overwhelmingly dulling feeling, while anxiety is much more hyper-active, making you alert to everything that is happening and that could possibly happen.

Dread is horrid. It’s dark and gloomy and it’s like a cloud hanging over you until said event, date or period of time comes and then goes again. Even though you know the period will pass – like everything eventually does – it doesn’t help to make your feelings of dread disappear. In fact, it increases the dread, to be honest. You begin to dread the aftermath of the event, or period, and your thoughts run wild.

So, when it comes to dealing with feelings of dread, how do you do it? Well, it’s not easy. Nothing of such importance ever is. But you’ll be pleased to know that it is possible and you can live a life free of that cloud if you put your mind to it.


How I have dealt with those feelings of dread is, mainly, to keep busy. If you dwell on them, they’ll only eat you up even more – and you really don’t want or need that. It’s so negative it’s not worth your time. So, keep busy. Get a part-time job. Read. Write. Go and meet your friends. Exercise. Connect with people you havent connected with in a very long time.

And though all of the above is essential, you don’t deal with dread by not stopping to think about your feelings. Do think about them. Engage with your thoughts – they are there for a reason. Allow them to be and just think about them for a while. Judge whether they’re holding you to ransom or not, and then decide whether you’re going to let that happen.

Above all, keep your head high and that dread low.

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