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15 May 2023

By Sarah

Mindfulness is a useful technique that can help with your mental health. It can assist with stress; meditation mainly focuses on distracting your mind and paying more attention to your breath, or noises for instance.  It also can reduce heightened anxiety for similar reasons. Mindfulness-based therapy helps you let go of worries. Surprisingly, the technique is proven to have helped with coping with serious illnesses too. Finally, it may help with depression or depressive thoughts.

Why Should You Practice Mindfulness?

Mindfulness can be used for relaxation in stressful times. As a student, overwhelming amounts of homework and revision can take a toll on your health. This means that for a little peace and quiet inside your head, mindfulness can help clear things up.

Many teenagers also face difficulties with paranoia. This won’t completely fix anxiety, but it may reduce these problems. Paranoia doesn’t only affect your social life, but it also affects your learning. You may find it difficult to pay attention in lessons or exams; this is why practising mindfulness is important.

  • A study by Headspace’s science team found that mindfulness reduces stress by 14% while Researchers at Boston University found that meditation can help decrease depression and anxiety.

How Do You Practice Mindfulness?

There are many ways you can be mindful, such as meditation, awareness of textures, noticing everyday things, such as the weather, sounds etc, ontemplate what you are feeling

  • Focus on breathing patterns

To help this, try and set reminders to meditate. There are many apps you can use to do this, such as Smiling Mind and Wysa, that guide you through meditation. Building a habit can be difficult, but over time and through dedication, it is possible to build a healthy routine.

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