Edinburgh Fringe 2018

20 August 2018

By Kieran

So I spent last weekend in the Scottish capital for my first ever experience at the world’s largest arts festival, the Edinburgh Fringe. And I thought I’d briefly share my experience with the class with a few tips, reviews and not so subtle plugs. If you like unstructured ramblings then, boy, have I got the article for you.


So the first thing I’d say about The Fringe is that you had best pack a wallet with a lot of dosh. It may be my imagination but I’ve been to Edinburgh a number of times and I don’t remember the prices being that high during non-festival season. I don’t think I paid less than £4  for a pint the whole weekend. If I’m honest, that was my main expense. I was sofa-surfing with the Newcastle Comedy Society so if you’re looking to book accommodation too, I imagine it’s bank-breaking numbers.


As far as gigs I went to see, because I was busy with other matters, they were quite sparse. I saw David Earl’s (in character as Brian Gittins) show which was extraordinarily surreal and darkly hysterical. I was glad I was the one person in the front row he didn’t talk to. Rahul Kohli’s show was great as always (I’ve recommended him before as a Newcastle comedy staple). His Newcastle Brown Tales Part 2 was surprisingly poignant as well as relatable and his later show All My Heroes Are Dead, in Jail or Touched Up Your Gran is an admirable attempt to drag laughs from the more depressing parts of showbiz news over the past few years.


Of course, my main recommendation is the show The Newcastle Revue: Tyne of your Life. And that’s not just because I was in it. Performing at the Fringe is obviously the number one goal of any UK stand-up and I was kindly given that opportunity. For your enjoyment (or perhaps not), I’ve attached a clip from the show. It features the hackneyed opening line I’ve been using for about six months now.

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