Sony’s upcoming animated take on Spider-Man is shaping up nicely if this Into the Spiderverse trailer is anything to go on. The story will follow Miles Morales, being taught by an older, albeit shiftier looking Peter Parker, as he learned to become Spider-Man.

The stunning visual style is far removed from your average animated movie thus far. The visuals look amazing, with bright and deep colours and an almost ‘comic-book’ tinge to everything. It looks how Spider-Man should look.

Along with some genuinely funny lines, we see some appearances from some lesser known Spidey characters, including the Prowler and a jacked Green Goblin.

Into the Spiderverse will feature Shameik Moore as Miles, Hailee Steinfeld as Gwen Stacey and Live Schreiber as the crime boss Kingpin.

The movie will hit theatres in December.

The creators, Chriss Miller and Phil Lord, who worked on The Lego Movie recently said in an interview with IndieWire:

“This is a new, unique experience, and we are pushing the medium. We’re getting away with so much with this movie. It’s a pretty wild style.”

The first trailer went up at in December 2017, featuring an unreleased Vince Staples track, which you can view here.


We’re pumped for this.

We also have Venom on the way in October.