Product Review: Apple Watch

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28 August 2019

By NEBeep

At the time of writing this review, Apple has released four generations of their game-changing product: the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch is a smart-watch available in two sizes (40mm and 44mm) which acts like a regular watch, though with way more useful features. The question, however, is this: is the Apple Watch the future of technology, or just another tech gimmick?

Some of the best features of the Apple Watch include custom faces which fit with almost anyone’s style, and can convey information at a glance. Also, the Apple Watch can run versions of some very useful apps without you needing to reach for your phone, such as iMessage, e-mail and Facebook.


Furthermore, the Apple Watch has a lot of health-monitoring applications too, which put it above other health device competitors such as a FitBit. It has its own EKG heart monitor which can alert you to any possible heart problems, and there’s a useful app to monitor your exercise and manage your activities.

While the Apple Watch is great in these areas, it does have problems – and a lot of them. Even though the Apple Watch has a rounded display, it is still too small for many apps such as Instagram, especially on the 40mm version. The lack of a keyboard makes texting way too slow for the feature to be useful and holding your Apple Watch to your ear to listen during phone calls is inconvenient and just looks silly.

In conclusion, the device that attempts to be a second and more convenient phone just becomes a watch. In soome situations, the Apple Watch is useful, but it just isn’t worth the hefty £400 price-tag.

By a student at St Thomas More Catholic School

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