Samsung S7 for Early 2016

7 January 2016

By Alex Khalil

Apple may have taken some of the limelight away from other smartphones in the last few years, but it looks like Samsung could be the saviour that Android fans are looking for…

Samsung have a lot to compete with, however: with Google’s new Nexus 6P coming in January, there’ll also be some premium devices to contend with from LG and HTC.

While the Galaxy S6 blew us away, details are beginning to be leaked about the newest Galaxy. Reports are saying that Samsung is planning a February release date, to the news surrounding its 3D touch-style pressure-sensitive screen.

For those of us who don’t have a 3D pressure screen, here’s how it works:

When putting pressure on certain apps, it will allow you to quickly get to the parts of the app you want. So for Instagram, you could quickly upload a new post, or if it’s the clock feature, you can quickly set up an alarm, without having to open the app.

In addition, the display would be taking some notes from the Galaxy S6 Edge’s book, and beginning to use curved edge screens as standard, as it makes for a more comfortable phone as it sits in your hand, and allows the screen to be a little bigger. There are even talks of a foldable phone, however, it is unlikely that this will be linked with the S7. 

At a glance, it will be Samsung’s latest release, and is set to release early this year, with a price mark which could be anywhere between £539-£599. The battery life is also a huge selling point. It is said that the S7 could feature a five-day battery life with normal use.

There are sure to be more specs released throughout this month if it is indeed to be released in February. With the wallet-friendly price tag, and the amount of software updates, as well as screen implementations, it looks set to be Samsung’s biggest success yet.

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