Top Five Adele Songs

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10 November 2021

By Tabitha Wilson

Adele has gone from strength to strength over the past decade, with her popularity only increasing with each new release.

From her 2008 debut 19 to her critically acclaimed 2015 hit 25, Adele has continued to craft a gorgeous narrative on each record, with themes of love and heartbreak resonating with a wide audience.

Her lyricism, mixed with her sublime, recognisable tones make Adele one of Britain’s best artists, and her highly anticipated upcoming album 30 will no doubt reinforce this. Here are five of the London native’s best tracks.

5. Don’t You Remember

Starting off this list at number five, Don’t You Remember is perhaps one of Adele’s more underrated songs, found on her second album 21. With agonising lyricism and a soaring bridge that builds into a vulnerable chorus, this track is definitely one to check out if you’re new to Adele.

4. Take It All

At number four is another heart-wrenching ballad from 21. Take It All features a narrative familiar to many, with the singer declaring their devotion to a fickle lover. A soulful piano backing brings the piece together to create a perfect track, which is guaranteed to leave no listener with dry eyes.

3. When We Were Young

The first song on this list to not be featured on 21, When We Were Young can be found on Adele’s third album, 25. Sepulchral piano chords accompany nostalgia ridden lyrics that yearn for the past, and the singer’s glorious, slightly husky voice is soaked with sadness.

2. All I Ask

Coming in at number two is the bittersweet ballad All I Ask, found on 25. Adele’s sensational storytelling ability can be seen on this track, with the songwriter lamenting a lost love, and asking for one more night with them before they go forever. Her vocal talent is perhaps seen most clearly on this song, with some absolutely breathtaking runs and glorious belts. If you haven’t listened to All I Ask, you’re missing out.

1. Turning Tables

For the top spot on this list, we return to 21, and the last single released from this project. Starting with a rhythmic piano sequence that builds throughout the track, and adds sweeping strings, this haunting ballad feels almost cinematic.

The chaotic yet controlled instrumental mirrors the tumultuous nature of the relationship being described in the song, and divine vocals tie everything together to create a tear-jerking masterpiece.

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