Top Five Conan Gray Songs

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28 August 2021

By Tabitha Wilson

Conan Gray first rose to fame as a YouTuber, creating content on his channel from the age of nine. With the release of his debut EP Sunset Season in 2018, Gray gained critical acclaim and has since gone on to chart globally.

The 22-year-old found viral success on the popular social media platform TikTokwith his hit single Heather being used in videos on the app over 300,000 times. Here are five of Conan’s tracks that stand out.

5. Lookalike

Coming in at number five, Lookalike is definitely one of Conan’s most underrated tracks. The melancholy ballad first heard on his debut EP Sunset Season seamlessly sprinkles a gentle piano melody over vulnerable lyricism that perfectly captures teenage heartbreak.

4. Maniac

One of the singer’s catchiest tunes, Maniac went viral on TikTok – and it’s clear to see why. The track, which places provoking poetry over a pulsating synth beat, showcases a playful, self-assured side to Gray not previously seen on his debut.

3. The King

This standalone single introduces us to Conan at his boldest, with the pop star demanding his crush makes up his mind on where they stand.

The electropop tune allows Gray to show off his vocal ability, and you can practically hear his voice dripping with confidence as he lets the subject of the song know that he is superior in this situation.

2. Wish You Were Sober

At number two, Wish You Were Sober is perfectly-packaged pop, with clear inspiration being drawn from one of Conan’s self-proclaimed idols, Taylor Swift.

A Gen Z anthem, Wish You Were Sober would easily feel at home on the soundtrack of an A24 coming-of-age film. With an oscillating electronic beat and a glorious vocal performance, Wish You Were Sober allows the listener to feel like the main character.

1. People Watching

Gray’s best and most introspective track yet is also his latest release. The sublime melody is accompanied by intoxicating vocals, and the bittersweet nature of the track allows the singer to be vulnerable with his fans.

The single signals a promising sophomore studio album, which Gray has hinted he has already started working on.

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